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Established since 1945.
We are the foremost packaging support specialist for your logistics and packing needs.

Renowned Manufacturer & Exporter of:

Wooden & Plastic Pallets, Cases, Crates, All Types of Timber, Plywood & Building Materials, Palletising & Industrial Packing

Assured and Robust Quality

Established since 1945, Ng Guan Seng possesses a long history and well-established creadibility in the industry. We maintain a simple and fast decision-making process facilitated by our efficient mangement team. Our company wields ample financial reserves to increase production capacity within a short period of time. We also maintain a stable base network of timber suppliers from more than three countries.

Some of the products Ng Guan Seng produce include: wooden pallets, cases, crates, sawn timber plywood, building materials, palletizing and industrial packing.

Our Management Practices

We perform daily quality control checks on our raw material for specifications and defects. Also, we are enthusiastic about recycling wooden pallets that have been dismantled. We offer a sell-back policy for clients: clients can sell deformed pallets to us for quality checks and repair. We will then sell the refined pallets back to clients at a fraction of the price.

Our Distribution

Our company has its own fleet of vehicles that are able to handle 70% of the full capacity for goods delivery. Throughout the years, we have not encountered any delivery problem or custom issues, even during times of recession. 

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Tel : 65-6269 4166
Fax: 65-6368 4703


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